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You or a loved one has just been injured in an automobile accident. The first thing you need to do is gather your wits. If you are able to do so, take pictures of your vehicle and the accident scene. Cooperate with law enforcement and make sure you get a copy of the crash report. Do not argue with the at fault party. If necessary, allow yourself to be transported to the emergency room.

Often, the nature and extent of your injuries will not become readily apparent until the third day following the trauma. Get medical treatment as soon as possible and contact your attorney as soon as possible. Do not give any written or oral statements to anyone other than law enforcement until you have spoken to your attorney, and do not self diagnose your injuries. I will refer you to a reputable physician in your general geographic vicinity. 

My office and I will personally guide you through the process of properly presenting your case and either  settling for the maximum amount or taking your case to trial to compel the insurance carrier to compensate you for your injuries.  My office regularly works with experienced trial attorneys whose skills combined with my expertise will jointly work to maximize your recovery. 

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